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Albert Lanne

Developer β€’ Student β€’ Network Technician

Hello !

My name is Albert, I am 20 years old and passionate about computer science. Initially with a professional baccalaureate in the military French Navy telecommunication. Now I study the c++ and network communication. Currently, in the second year of the national diploma in computers science, I work a lot on my Github account on desktop applications made in c++. On my free time, I'm training to practice my DevOps skills with my servers and my website.

Recent project work


3D configurator

3D configurator for online jewelery sales

Personalisation and engraving of rings in real time for online sales. 3D modeling & optimization.

Shopify - webgl - JS - CSS πŸ’»


Bande organisΓ©e dashboard

Website to list and monitor jobs

Job Board using a restful API CRUD made with express.JS with an mysql database. Created in team of 2 students, for the 3rd year at Epitech!

Nuxt.JS - Vue.JS - Node.JS - Express.JS - MySQL

Covered 95%


Mosquito Killer X

E-market. Photo-realistic renderings for international marketing

2D Photoshop/illustrator - Advanced infography - Mockup product design - Real time 3D modeling & render.

Shopify - webgl - JS - CSS πŸ’»


Production Monitoring Mysql

Higher Techncical certificate (BTS) Project

4-person project for a company. Create a website using database, vpn and a mobile application to communicate.

ChartJS - CSS - Node.JS - SQL

Covered 80% - stop due to quarantine ☣


JDM Medical

E-market (now work with shopify)

Work on the back end and the Front-End. The most important parts of the work was creating a RESTful API.

Vue.JS Node.JS Express.JS MongoDB

Still in development



My portfolio

Front-end, and a small API & database for the timeline page! Used for testing and hosted on CleverCloud like a real DevOps dev !

Nuxt.JS Vue.JS Node.JS Express.JS MongoDB

Covered at 100% πŸ’―