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Albert Lanne

Developer β€’ Student β€’ Network Technician

Hello !

My name is Albert, I am 20 years old and passionate about computer science. Initially with a professional baccalaureate in the military French Navy telecommunication. Now I study the c++ and network communication. Currently, in the second year of the national diploma in computers science, I work a lot on my Github account on desktop applications made in c++. On my free time, I'm training to practice my DevOps skills with my servers and my website.

Recent project work


Bande organisΓ©e dashboard

Website to list and monitor jobs

Job Board using a restful API CRUD made with express.JS with an mysql database. Created in team of 2 students, for the 3rd year at Epitech!

Nuxt.JS - Vue.JS - Node.JS - Express.JS - MySQL

Covered 95%


Mosquito Killer X

E-market. Photo-realistic renderings for international marketing

2D Photoshop/illustrator - Advanced infography - Mockup product design - Real time 3D modeling & render.

Shopify - JS - CSS πŸ’»

Covered 100% πŸ»πŸ‘Œ


Production Monitoring Mysql

Higher Techncical certificate (BTS) Project

4-person project for a company. Create a website using database, vpn and a mobile application to communicate.

ChartJS - CSS - Node.JS - SQL

Covered 80% - stop due to quarantine ☣


JDM Medical

E-market (now work with shopify)

Work on the back end and the Front-End. The most important parts of the work was creating a RESTful API.

Vue.JS Node.JS Express.JS MongoDB

Still in development



My portfolio

Front-end, and a small API & database for the timeline page! Used for testing and hosted on CleverCloud like a real DevOps dev !

Nuxt.JS Vue.JS Node.JS Express.JS MongoDB

Covered at 100% πŸ’―