The white version logo of my website

The structure of the website

This website is made with the javascript framework NuxtJS and Vue.JS and cooked by me with love. Nuxt.js is a great french framework for the server-side rendering! I use too webpack and node.js for the environment of development. For the front end I use TailwindCSS. The version of the website are the v3.0.0.

For the hosting and deployment, I use a French PAAS, Clever Cloud. Useful for easier deployment with git . The staff and the community are great. For the hosting of the domain name I use OVH. The website have also a local VueX store for a theme switcher and a middleware with MongoDB database

Rest API

Like I have say the website work with a mongoDB connected with a Representational state transfer API creat by myself to improve the users experience and add like a online chat for my timeline page. Like/comments go on my database going throught my API. I have 2 others github project with the similar technologies. See my github account!


For the websites, I use different metrics tools for analyse the data of it and improve the users experiences. I have the Google certification of the Fundamental principles of digital marketing. And actually I'm working on more advanced google ads and google analytics certification. Mostly I watch the data from CleverCloud, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You can see here more information about my privacy policy here.

My google certificat My google certificat