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Albert Lanne

Developer • Student • Network Technician

~ About me ~


I am a French student in Pre-Master of Science (MS) at Epitech Paris I am 20 year's old. By nature, I am really curious and passionate about what I do. I spend a lot of time training on programming, my GitHub account will confirm this. In class people often choose me to manage groups because I'm always one step ahead and I always know how to make the most of each different profile. I love open source project, work with agile methodology, and I'm a real DevOps technician.



For my baccalaureat, I decided to study at Paris in the "Lycée Galilée" in partnership with the French Navy. I was trained during my internships by soldiers specialized in advanced computer communications. I also had two internships to perform into a enterprise.The first year at Affix Formation where I was in charge of the network service and in second year at Astone Technology where I was working on the programming of interactive touch terminals. I did two internships in the French Navy and thus I was able to study industrial electronics directly on board the frigates of the French Navy. In particular, internal communication, radio links, as well as equipment on submarines have opened up new opportunities for me. My desire to deepen my knowledge has been strengthened in the various applications offered by the programming and network as well as a more pragmatic approach to the world of work. I had about 5 months of internship during this 3 years.

BTS(Brevet de Techicien Supérieur)
Electronic system programming option and Network

After obtaining my baccalaureate with honours in embedded industrial electronics in the navy, I am pursuing a Higher Technician Certificate in C++ programming and network science. I had to do an internship during this 2 years. For this one, I was go to Emerya Thailande in Thailande to improve my skill to web technology programming directly near to the expert. I have been working on Bootstrap, PrimerStyle, TailwindCSS, vue.js, nuxt.js, node.js. which gave me the skills to make my own website.

Further studies

After the BTS I want to continue studies until master in programming and network science and continue by multiplying my professional experiences abroad and certifications to specialize always more. My Linkedin.