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My diploma

CEO Founder - Standard E-com Company

20/05/2020 - now

My company on e-market. I work on 3 steps. Programming to improve webdesign, marketing for the communication, and webdesign with ainsi que les technologies de rendu 3D pour les publicités et vidéo commercial sur facebook et youtube ads.

Second year of Higher Technical Certificate (BTS): Electronic system programming option and Network


At Hight School Paul Cornu (14100) Lisieux. IT science (algorithmic) and math/physics. I also have one internship at Emerya thailande.

Professional project of the diploma.

13/01/2020 - 13/05/2020

Creation of a intern gestion website for a compagnie. The system is provided with a database, VPN. My work is on the site design.
Project of website during my internship
Other of website during my internship

Internship - EMERYA Thailande, (๘๓๑๐๐, ประเทศไทย)

20/05/2019 - 28/07/2019 (7 weeks)

Webmastering full stack MEVN, especially the creation of e-market. Works in depth on technologies VueJS, NuxtJS, TailWindCSS, and REST API

Baccalaureate in Electronic and Digital System

5/7/2018 (obtained with honors)

In partnership with the French Navy Embedded Industrial Electronics Specialization Hight School Galilée, Paris 13.

Internship - MARINE NATIONALE, Saint Mandrier (83430)

??/??/???? (8 weeks)

Training in SITEL (specialist in information and telecommunication systems of the French Navy). Followed by an assignment on the Anti-Aircraft Frigate “Le Cassard” as a network technician. I'm on the middle on the main picture, the picture of right are the Cassard.

Internship - Astone Technology

?/?/? - ?/?/? (6 weeks)

Works on the embedded equipment.

Internship - Affix Formation

?/?/? - ?/?/? (6 weeks)

Installation and configuration of Ethernet networks in companies

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